My Favourite Book Bloggers and Bookish Websites – Top Ten Tuesday

Hey guys! Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! This is a blog meme originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and is currently being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  This week’s is one I am super excited about as I’m going to be talking about my favourite book bloggers! So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

To find out more about each of these awesome people, there will be a link attached to each image taking you to their sites!

1. Fictional Fates

Joel is someone I am lucky enough to have gotten to know a little bit over the last few months and his passion for blogging really inspired my own blog and that is why this first spot has got to go to him!

Joel, self professed Prince of Stories, loves to blog and to write and is currently writing his novel The Dream Prince. Joel loves Strange the Dreamer and Children of Blood and Bone, takes incredible photos on his instagram and has a real passion for fantasy.




2. Yes Whale

Emily is a super cool book blogger and I love her reviews! She’s recently written a review on Six of Crows that you should definitely check out!

Emily is a student currently studying English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She is an aspiring writer and particularly loves Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places.





3. For The Love of Books

Ash is a fellow Welsh bookworm and someone I have gotten to know recently! She’s super sweet and deserves all the love!

Ash is a freelance editor and student studying in Cardiff!

4. Pretty Little Memoirs

Becca has an awesome blog with a beautiful aesthetic! She posts interesting and unique reviews and I am so glad that I found her blog!

She also takes stunning photos for her instagram and her favourite book is  Looking For Alaska by John Green. She also creates beautiful candles for the shop Lacuna Candle Co. 






5. Words with Lara

Lara has an awesome and interesting blog where she posts reviews and tags with awesome book recommendations! She is super lovely so it would be great if you guys showed her some love!

Her favourite books are Harry Potter and last year she wrote a novel for NaNoWraMo!





6. Fantastic Book Dragon

Nicola has an awesome blog and is another I have found recently and I am so glad that I did! She mostly talks about YA and middle grade books and recently went to YALC!

Nicola is super lovely and kind and it would be amazing if you would check out her lovely blog!






7. Yer A Book Nerd Zoe

Okay, so this one is a little bit different. Zoe doesn’t run a traditional blog, but a booktube channel. Now, I know that in the bookish community booktubers definitely get the most hype and recognition, especially over bloggers, but Zoe’s channel is one of my all time favourites and she definitely deserves more love!

Zoe loves all things bookish but especially fantasy! She loves Harry Potter and is even having a book themed wedding!

Zoe is someone else I am lucky enough to have gotten to know a little bit and I would love for all of you to check out her videos as she is super funny, down to earth and just downright awesome!



8. JennieLy

Jenn is an award winning UK book blogger and talks about books, writing and life. She reviews books in her spare time but also has an Etsy shop where she sells jewellery and bookmarks and you can find her shop here.

She mainly reviews YA but is not afraid to talk about some Adult fiction, with Sci-Fi and Fantasy being her favourite genres!



9.  Reading Through Infinity

Kate is a lovely blogger who talks about books, writing, travel and veganism. She is super lovely and also went to YALC recently!

Science fiction and fantasy are among her favourite genres and she loves tea and pigs, and V.E Schwab!







10. Green Tea Paperbacks

Laura is a 2o year old student from the Netherlands and has a passion for books, baking and TV shows!

She has a beautiful Instagram account and I really love the unique blog posts she uploads!







So that’s it! Those are my top 10 favourite bookish bloggers! There are so many more that I love and so in the future I might do another post like this to spread the love! 

Who are some of your favourite book bloggers? Do you have any recommendations for other bloggers I should follow?

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  1. This is so lovely Cerys! Thank you so, so much for including me. I can’t believe it! I’m so glad I found you, too! <3

  2. All of these are definitely wonderful people! 😍

  3. how awesome is it that i alread yknow all these fab bloggers! theyre amazing

    1. Aw yay! That’s so great! They really are fab!

  4. Awwww! Thanks so much, Cerys! This made my day! I’m so glad that you reached out to me not so long ago and it’s so nice to have another supportive blogging friend 🙂

    1. Aw it’s no worries! It’s really nice having blogger friends and I am so glad I get to call you one of them!

  5. Awesome list, I hope to check out some of these recommendations!

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  7. You are amazing for spreading love!

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