Top 10 Comedy Shows That Are Actually Funny

Hey guys! I’m back with yet another TV show related post! I have really enjoyed writing about TV shows recently and the reception to the posts has been so good so next I am bringing you my favourite comedy shows that I think are actually funny! To see my other posts about television, check out my TV Recommendations category.

I will be adding the trailer to the first season of each show plus a link to where you can watch this show. All of the streaming services do have a free trail available but you can also buy the box sets of these shows or find your own way to watch them.


1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a situation comedy about a police precinct in Brooklyn, New York. This is one of my favourite comedy shows ever. It is perfectly quirky and just gets comedy. The cold openings are hilarious and the characters are to die for. I don’t think there’s anything I dislike about this show. It’s diverse and it’s non-offensive, it talks about some serious and important issues without letting anything become the butt of the joke just because.


2. Parks and Recreation

Where to watch: YouTube, Google Play

I’m pretty sure, by this point, everyone has at least heard of Parks and Recreation. For those of you who, somehow, have not heard of it, this, again, is a situation comedy about a Parks and Recreation office in US government. From the creators of The Office comes a gritty, down to earth comedy that is so pure and precious I can’t help but love it. Leslie Knope is an unsung hero of television, and she’s the fictional feminist icon we all deserve.


3.  Big Mouth

Where to watch: Netflix

Big Mouth is an animated comedy that follows the lives of unsuspecting teenagers who have their lives upended by the horrors of puberty. This show is genuinely hilarious and probably one of the most underrated shows I’ve watched. Maya Rudolph’s Hormone Monsters is the actual best and you are all genuinely missing out if you have not given this a go. Slight warning, this is an adult TV show and so displays adult themes and images. (Also the vagina scene is the best. If you know, you know.)


4. Rick and Morty

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

So Rick and Morty, again, is probably one of the more well known shows on this list. For those who haven’t watched it, it comes across a crass and childish show marketed towards those who enjoy ‘fart humour’. But if you look beyond that, this show is actually a lot funnier and a lot cleverer than the surface suggests. This follows the story of a mad scientist / space traveller and his adventures with his grandson.


5. The Good Place

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

The Good Place follows the story of Eleanor Shellstrop who wakes up in The Good Place – part of the afterlife – to discover that she has been placed there by mistake. Kristen Bell is incredible in this show – the whole cast is amazing – and I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes witty comedy, especially lovers of The Office, Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


6. One Day At A Time

Where to watch: Netflix

One Day At A Time is a show I love and I am so glad I discovered. This is another situation comedy and follows the lives of three generations of a Cuban-American family. This is incredibly funny, awesomely diverse, and massively underrated. Please check it out, you won’t regret it!


7. Disenchantment

Where to watch: Netflix

From the creators of The Simpsons, Netflix brings us a new adult comedy about a wayward princess and her adventures with a runaway elf and a demon. The demon is definitely the best character in this show, and while this isn’t a ‘laugh out loud’ show, this is full of dry humour and wit and I am so glad that I decided to watch this. The first season left us with a huge cliffhanger and I am so excited to see where the show is going. There is also so much more depth and planning to this show than it originally seems, and I unexpectedly fell in love with characters I never thought I could like. Please watch this show. It’s truly great.


8. Scrubs

Where to watch: Now TV, YouTube

Scrubs is a comedy show that definitely deserves more love. I’m sure it was hyped a lot more when it was on air, but I believe the show stands out against the backdrop of both comedy shows and medical shows. Even the infamously bad final season was enjoyable for me, and these characters quickly became some of my favourites of all time.


9. Grace and Frankie

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

Grace and Frankie follows the story of two 60-something women and the fallout when they find out that their husbands are gay and have been having an affair with each other for 20 years. I feel like I have constantly repeated myself trying to convince you all that these shows are genuinely funny, but they really are, and Grace and Frankie is no exception. This show is endearing, empowering, delightful and Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are to die for. I want them to adopt me. I want to be friends with them. They’re just great, and you should at least give this show a try.


10. Magic For Humans

Where to watch: Netflix

This is a new addition to Netflix and I consumed it all in one sitting. With only six episodes, this show leaves you desperately wanting more. While this is a show about a magician/illusionist, this is genuinely funny with Justin Willman playing hilarious pranks on people, and even making a child cry. Oops.


So that’s it! Those are my top 10 comedy shows that I think are actually funny! Have you guys watched any of these shows? What do you think of them? What show would you add to this list? Or recommend to me based on this list?

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6 Replies to “Top 10 Comedy Shows That Are Actually Funny”

  1. Have you watched iZombie? It totally cracks me up, Rose McIver is excellent at getting into so many different characters. I love B99 and The Good Place 😀
    Cora |

    1. I haven’t watched iZombie but it’s kind of been on my radar for a while so maybe i’ll give it a go soon!

  2. I have heard of a few of these shows, but I’m definitely going to watch them now. I’m intrigued by Grace and Frankie, and The Good Place is being bumped up on my to-watch list. I adore Kristen Bell, so I’m definitely going to watch it. Thank you for the recommendations and I can’t wait to see what shows you’ll recommend next 😀

    1. Ah thank you! And yes! Grace and Frankie is SO great! I hope you like it!!

  3. I just read the bio on your blog and I have one question….

    We can get certified as book lovers???? I need in on this!

    Seriously, though, the blog is beautiful and I just followed.`

    1. Aha!! I mean, I certified myself, but yes! Thank you so much! That means so much!!!

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