Review Policy

I am open to request to read Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs) and published books. Sometimes I accept e-books, but I am more likely to accept physical copies. If you are wanting to send me an email, please read my policy before you do so that is below.

Please be aware that by sending me a review request that my reviews are all 100% honest. My reviews are not meant to be harmful, but I won’t write an inaccurate review that does not reflect my true opinion of the book. I also reserve the right to decline any review request due to my interest in and book for various reasons including my interest in my book not being big enough for me to want to read it and my schedule not allowing me enough time to read the book.


When submitting a request for me to review your book, ensure that your title follows the requirements I have set. Otherwise, I will not reply to your email or proceed to read further.

Your novel must be Young Adult, although I might accept Middle-Grade if it is interesting enough. I may accept New Adult or Adult Fiction, but this is very unlikely.

In addition to that, I accept the following genres:

Fantasy (High, Urban & Fairy Tale Retellings), Historical Fiction, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Dystopian, Paranormal & Mystery/Crime 

When writing a submission email, please ensure to have the title, the summary of the book and why you think I’d like it. I’m more likely to accept review requests from more personalised emails and books that cater to my interests.


If I do decide to accept your review request, there are some things I may be able to do besides reviewing the book. I can offer the following things:

  • Participation in a book blog tour
  • Conduct an author interview
  • Hosting a giveaway (You would have to provide and mail the prizes)
  • You can also write a guest post on my blog on a topic of your choice that will be suited to my blog. (We would discuss this)


My review will be posted on my blog, and Goodreads. I will also share my review with my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers and I will post a photo of the book to Instagram


  • Book Cover
  • General Information (Book Title, Author, Publisher etc.)
  • Synopsis
  • Featured Image
  • Non-Spoiler Review (With about 2-3 Quotes)

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy!

If you do wish to contact me about anything, please do so here.