Rating Scale

Below is the scale that I use when it comes to terms with rating a book. If you’re looking to read my review policy, you can do so here.


Incredible. This book will stay with me for a while. It was well written, I loved the story and I loved the characters.
Often I will change book ratings to a five star rating a while after reading it due to the impact it had on me.


A well written I really enjoyed and I would definitely recommend to my friends. Some of the characters might be some new favourites and I would hope for a sequel as well because this book was good. There might be a few problems or issues I had with it, or maybe I just didn’t feel quite so passionate about it to justify giving it five stars.


This is the category that most books fall into and there are 2 reasons why a book will end up here.

  1. These are the books that I enjoyed but I’m not likely to reread. I would recommend these to my friends and I might reread them. I’m likely to read the sequel.
    While I might not have any issues with these books, there’s also nothing that makes me love it.
  2. I had issues with this book. The writing wasn’t great – but not enough to put me off – and there might be some characters or plot lines I don’t like. If the story is predictable and overdone it is also likely to end up here.
    While I might have some issues with these books, none of them are major enough to make me dislike the book.

I’m probably not very passionate about any of these books, but they were an enjoyable experience and I don’t regret reading them.



Books with a writing style that I don’t like won’t end up in this rating as I can usually appreciate that they’re well written even if they’re not for me, so in terms of writing, the books that will end up here are usually really badly written. Books with a story I didn’t like – such as City of Fallen Angels – along with books I did not finish will also end up on this shelf.

I would not recommend this book and it would be highly unlikely that I reread this book.


I don’t think I’ve ever rated a book at one star. These are usually the books that are discriminative, prejudiced or offensive, and likely books I didn’t even finish. If I did finish it, I would never reread and I would not recommend to anyone.