Blogtober Day 6 – Perfect Autumn Bookish Merch

Hey guys, what’s up, welcome back to another Blogtober post! Today I’m bringing you some bookish march that I think have that perfect autumn feel to them! I love bookish merch and I wish that I had enough money to just drown my life in candles and book sleeves and cushions. This is more of a wish list than a review because I probably will not have bought from most of these shops. One day I will buy from all of them because buying from independent businesses is so important to me, and what better way to show my support than to shops that sell things that I adore.

  1. This post is not sponsored, all of these products are here because I love them.
  2. A link will be provided to take you to every shop and product directly.
  3. None of the photos of the products are mine. If you click on the photo itself a link will take you to the original image.



Book Sleeves

This gorgeous book sleeve from Book Beau is to die for! I love the minimalist feel to it and the soft, neutral tone just feels perfect for autumn!


This Marauder’s Map inspired book sleeve is at the top of my list! Not only are the colours just perfectly autumnal, there’s nothing more cozy than settling down under a blanket to read Harry Potter. That, combined with the little button at the top makes this the perfect autumn book sleeve.




If there is one candle you need in the autumn, it’s this one from Ash & Quills. This candle, named Autumn Court, contains amber, dark fruits and dark flowers.


From Beacon Candles UK, thus Burrow inspired candle is to die for! The scents sound incredible and the Burrow is like the pinnacle of autumnal vibes!


This stunning candle from Gunn Dean Candle Co is inspired by Sherwood Forest’s own, Robin Hood. Featuring citrus, basil and campfire, I know that this is a candle that I would love to have warming up my home!






In Autumn the most essential item of bookish merch is  mug. There’s nothing more cozy than snuggling up with a hot drink and what better way to do it than with this ‘Dogs in Literature’ mug.





The Literary Gift Company also has this awesome mug for bloggers with such a great autumnal feel to it.




Eviebookish also has this incredible bookish autumn (or fall) mug up on redbubble. I love the design of this mug and I don’t think there’s a more perfect design for a mug this autumn.






Do you like tea? If you do, check out Riddle’s Tea Shop on Etsy!




Literary Emporium

I couldn’t not talk about my favourite bookish merch shop. Literary Emporium has some incredible items and I am proud to say that I own a lot of them. Featured below are just a few of the items that would be perfect for you for autumn. Personally, I am obsessed with their sweaters. They are so comfortable and they get to show my love for literature!

Book Lover Enamel Pin
Library Card Notepad
Frankenstein Sweatshirt








So those are some of my favourite/most desired autumn bookish merch! What are some of your favourite things to have around in autumn?



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2 Replies to “Blogtober Day 6 – Perfect Autumn Bookish Merch”

  1. I am all about candles pretty much all year round, but especially in autumn. I think my favourite bookish candles are from William and Joseph.
    I have a slowly growing collection of book sleeves to keep my book safe in my bag, I love BookBesties.
    Cora |

    1. I haven’t heard of William and Joseph but I am definitely going to check them out!

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