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My name is Cerys and I am a 21 year old graduate from South Wales in the UK. I am a Ravenclaw and I have just finished my English Literature and Creative Writing degree from the University of Winchester. I am currently working on my first novel and hope to one day be a published author!

Besides reading I also love musical theatre. I have played cornet and trumpet since I was 6 years old and, once upon a time, it was my plan to become a professional musician hoping to play in theatre orchestras.

I am also interested in TV and film with some of my favourite shows being Sense8, Brooklyn 99, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. Picking a favourite film is a lot more difficult but I do love the 2014 film Pride and, because I’m a massive child, How to Train Your Dragon.


Bookish Things


Like films it is impossible for me to choose a favourite book. I grew up obsessed with Harry Potter (and that hasn’t changed to be honest) as well as enjoying Lord of the Rings. Picking a book, or a few books, now would be impossible so instead I’m going to direct you to my five star shelf on goodreads.

I also have a constantly changing tbr (to be read) list, so instead of sending you to my list that has over 400 books on it, if you are interested in some of the books I am planning to read in the coming months, go here. This is my immediate tbr shelf which usually only holds books I plan to read in the next 6 months. It usually has more books that I could probably read in that time, but I like it that way because it gives me a bit of choice in terms of what to read next and I can also see the books I’m planning on reading a lot more clearly.

The other goodreads shelf you might be interested in is my favourites in a series shelf. This is pretty self explanatory, but I basically put in my favourite book in a series onto this shelf usually once I’m finished or up to date with said series.


What do I like to read?

I like to read most genres, to be honest. There’s not one genre that I specifically shy away from, I just tend to be more drawn to other genres. I mostly read YA, but I also love any kind of sci-fi and fantasy as well as thriller and horror and mystery. Historical fiction is a genre I hope to start reading more of because I think I’d really enjoy it, but the synopses of stories don’t tend to entice me as much as fantasy.
I also love books with great diversity and representation and really enjoy reading books exploring mental health and sexuality.

I also don’t read a lot of non-fiction (although I am trying to branch out a bit more) but I do occasionally enjoy a good biography.


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