Blogtober Day 18 – Guest Post AKA An Extremely Biased Opinion On the Films You Need To See This Halloween.

Hello members of Cerys’s blog! You will have gathered that I am not Cerys, I’m Georgie, her more self-debilitating friend, but who conveniently happens to have a blog as well, just not as established or full of content. But ss part of Blogtober, I will hijacking her blog to take the time away from books, […]

Blogtober Day 15 – Spooky TV Shows To Watch This Autumn

Hey guys, what’s up, welcome back to another Blogtober post! Today I’m bringing you a list of spooky/horror television shows that would be perfect to watch this October. I have not seen all of these shows, so consider this a recommendations/wish list for shows that I either love or would love to watch. I have […]